About Us

Our Mission

We would like to become the leading provider of computing services.

Our goal is to provide customized services that meet the clients budget.


Company Profile

Company Outline:

Terence Alan  Scheinberg is CCNA certified and has over 20 years of experience, within the IT  field. He is a specialist in configuring and installing Mikrotik Wireless  Equipment, which is used for servers, gateways, routers, towers, and clients  CPE. KIATT is able to setup/install VPN links between offices, in order to run  on the same network and is able to setup/configure hotspot and Wlans. We are  able to run CAT5/6 cables to routers/switches and to repair/replace hardware,  for personal or insurance purposes.

Terence is qualified in Project  Management.

KIATT goal is provide a professional service to the corporate World, or the end user.

Company‚Äôs  Background.

KIATT Technology started on 1st December 2011 and is registered as a Sole Proprietorship company.

Terence Alan  Scheinberg stared this company as a Sole Proprietor.

Terence started  off in the Clearing and Forwarding industry and moved into the Shipping and  Logistics industry. For 17 years, he has assisted the IT departments and decided  to move into the IT field. He worked for a Wireless ISP for a year, whereby he  found it frustrating that he could not offer the clients and staff the  professional service they deserved. On the 1st November 2011, he  decided to open his own company, whereby he could make the decisions, for the  staff and provide and customized professional service to his clients.